When women and mountains meet!

Part 2 of the women-only Tirthan valley trekking trip : around JIBHI

There’s some sort of magic in the unexpected ! We had planned many things on this Tirthan valley trek, but the two that surpassed all our expectations were

  1. Jalori House
  2. Raghupur Fort Trek

JALORI HOUSE : ‘Where Mountains Meet the Mystic’

We operate like a ‘Big Joint Family Home’ and our endeavour is to make your stay as informal and comfortable as in your own home : they say ! And I couldn’t have said it better myself !

An intoxicating cocktail of breathtaking views, tastefully decorated yet simple interiors and food that tantalises each tastebud, Jalori house is by far the best place I have stayed Every little need and desire is taken care of by their staff as well as the owner Amit Vaidya himself.

You can spend all week sipping adrak wali chai here and soaking (and bathing) in the views (The bathrooms have glass on the valley view walls !)

DAY 3: We reached Jalori pass which is at a height of 10,000 feet, after a very scenic 45 mins drive from Jibhi.

 We had 2 options for trekking on arrival at Jalori pass.

  Option 1 – Easy trek of 5 km to the Selosar lake.This is a more popular option because it’s an easy trek with not much of an ascent.

  Option 2 – A more difficult trek ( 3 km one way ) to the Raghupur fort where the last half an hour involves continuous climbing.

And it was on the insistence of our hosts that we decided to do the Raghupur Fort trek instead of the Serolsar Lake trek as was planned in our itinerary. Albeit more difficult, it was far more rewarding in so many ways!

The initial trail is a comfortable walk on a flat trail that traverses through dense coniferous trees.

The beauty of this trek is that you get a sneak peak of the snow clad mountains as you begin and then as you climb the slightly steep inclined patch through rocks, you catch your breath in awe as the majestic Himalayas unravel 30 degree at a time around you at the horizon.

Green meadows greet you at the top and by then you have a 270 degree view of the snowy peaks.

We were also lucky to have a very good guide, Roshan who not helped us on the climb, but also had a keen eye for photography. Thanks to to him we have some excellent pictures and videos, memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Raghupur fort itself is a ruined fort with hardly a few walls standing. But the views and photo opportunity it offers is outstanding ! A complete 360 degrees view of Himalayas all around from Kinner Kailash -Spiti- Pin Parvati-Shrikhand Mahadev – Deo Tibba -Dhauladhar range- Pir Panchal – Lahaul – Dharmshala to Shimla ! Simply magnificent feast for the shutterbugs, insta lovers and reel makes (like us !)

We enjoyed our packed lunch with with the great Himalayas as our backdrop and the azure blue sky above ! Raising a toast of fresh apple juice, we declared our love for the mountains and vowed to meet again, on yet another mountain top !

Heaven has no greater pleasure than a mountain conquered, we say !


Another day well spent exploring Jibhi

An early morning short hike to refreshing stream just below Jalori House before breakfast with the adorable dogs !

Breakfast was a scrumptious array of stuffed parathas; onion, paneer, radish ( Didn’t i say right at the beginning I love this place !) and then we explored Jibhi with a short trot to the Jibhi waterfall (selfies galore !)

Later we went for a short trek through the Deodar forest to a clearing that housed Balo temple. An oasis in the heart of nature!

The meals, cosy bonfire nights and the hospitality of Jalori house have left an indelible place in our hearts. Our only regret is that it is so far away from home that we cannot visit more frequently !

Yet visit again we shall. it was not “adieu” but “au revoir” that we said to our gracious hosts at Jalori house ! Phir milenge zaroor !