Hidden gems of Goa : Palolem and beyond

Nestled at the southernmost end of Sunapranta or the “Golden Land” as the state of Goa is often called, is Palolem with its gilded beach and emerald sea. This pristine beach has gained popularity in the last ten years. It doesn’t boast of fancy resorts with swimming pools for a holiday but has only wooden makeshift huts on the beach with the the clear sea just waiting for you to dive into!



The ART RESORT as the name signifies is very unique resort designed and managed by a German girl with the idea of showcasing various forms of Indian art, a beautiful blend of the East and the West in an artsy way. The perfect place for a girlie getaway with my friend Julie to celebrate her last bank holiday weekend in India.


The brightly painted cottages with white curtains are just a stone’s throw from the beach. The interior ones have a cosy terrace attached or hammocks in front to read a book underneath the shade of the palm trees.



The trendy restaurant and bar area facing the waterfront serves really good food and drinks so its the perfect place to laze around with a book, watching the lashing waves.Well this was definitely the agenda I had in mind when I planned this trip with my friend Julie…. to enjoy the sun, sea, sand, some great food, a few drinks and a lot of laughs …..


They have a local artist here who offers art classes, an Ayurvedic massage spa and some Yoga classes on the beach as well. So its really the perfect setting for an idyllic getaway. As the night approaches the whole beach lights up and a leisurely stroll down the sandy shore led us to discover Ciarans, the restaurant which has the best local food, view, music and ambience. After dinner we walked some more, the night was so peaceful and the sound of the waves so soothing !


On Day 2 we set off the explore the neighbouring beach of Patnem on a curious trail of signboards from “Alice in wonderland “…follow the rabbit …to LaLa Land …Whats that you may wonder ? A prisitine resort overlooking Colomb Bay. We decided that this is the place to come back for lunch and went ahead to Patnem beach for a dip in the warm blue waters. The beach was pretty much deserted and we cooled down at the beachfront shack with a drink.


The afternoon heat was really sweltering, yet it didn’t dampen our fervour to wander and discover some more surprises just around the corner. Graffiti, if you please! and the aroma of cinnamon rolls wafting from Karma cafe and bakery reminding me that “somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something good.” Mango smoothies with a twist to beat the heat.



Heading back to Palolem, via LaLa Land at Colomb Bay for a lazy late lunch. They claim its the most magical place to stay and I’m sure I was intrigued enough to like to confirm that next time I’m here on a holiday.



We were back to Palolem by evening and the aquamarine waters were just beckoning us for a cooling evening dip and then a candlelight dinner on the beach



A view like this to wake up to ….if only we had nothing else to do but all the time to stand and stare at the clear blue sky and waters.


“You can shake the sand from your shoes, but it will never leave your soul.”


No trip to Goa would be complete without a meal at Martin’s Corner and I couldn’t possible let my friend leave the country without having tasted the best of Goan seafood here. Prawn vindaloo is just the starter, many more scrumptious dishes coming up before we make a dash for the flight!31693067_10216903994858649_2223934435235987456_n.jpg31743682_10216915857675212_3374072663596072960_o.jpg31723288_10216903996138681_2688226636226101248_n.jpg

Footnotes :

  • The beach huts here are dismantled at the advent on the monsoon season by mid May and reassembled again in October. Hence this experience can only be enjoyed from November to April
  • Scuba diving is possible, especially with a very experienced Hungarian instructor but the water is a bit murky as you can see…31599846_10216915818394230_1611699246761771008_o


Photocredits : Julie Till-Dowling ….Nomad…Beach comber, Himalayan Dreamer, Lover of Life in the air, below the seas and on the earth 🐠….and so much more !!!



















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