Postcard Pretty Positano


The highlight of the Amalfi coast is most certainly the vertical town of Positano .Like all the towns on the coast its located at the steep edge of the hills overlooking the blue waters. Yes it has atleast 1000 steps ! But whats sets it aside from the other towns is the dramatic panorama of colors presented by the peach and pink houses with terra-cotta roofs offsetting the grey-white limestone cliffs above and the blue waters below.

Such a delight to be in Europe in  Spring !We were greeted by bright flowers in various shades of pink  everywhere we went …..


The views from the balcony of our Hotel were so magnificent . A perfect place to put up your aching feet from all the walking , have a coffee and soak in the views.

Excited to explore this picturesque town, we walked down about 500 steps briskly to the the Mulini  bus stop after which the narrow cobblestone alleys began towards the beach.

Every shop you passed was so enticing. Positano sandals, Linen clothes, colorful beach wear, and limoncello souvenir shops were so attractive. You will be awestruck by the netted canopy of ivy above , through which beautiful vistas of the town peep out. Its easy to miss a step going down the steps of this fascinating vertical town !

You can’t miss this interesting  cafe and sweetshop La Zagara Garden Bar, a family run place that dates back to 1950 .The ambience is warm and friendly with artwork on the wall and wicker chairs to relax. The Yellow and blue Majolica tiled dome of the Church of Maria Assunta can be seen from the garden cafe surrounded by lemon trees

We deserved a treat after walking all those steps ,even if it was downhill.It has such a wide selections of desserts, many that I had never heard of before, that it was really hard to make a choice. but since we were in the land of Lemons we chose the local and traditional dessert from Campania region called the “Lemon Delizia” and it was totally delicious.

The cafe was so pretty we didn’t want to leave but we were excited to see more this exciting town had to offer yet ahead at every corner .

The steps led to the courtyard of the Church where local artists were painting beautiful paintings of the town and the coast .Ceramic tiles and plates depicting the blue sea and sky and yellow and green lemon trees adorned the walls as you walked towards the pebbly Spiaggia Grande beach. Boats and ferries had returned from their day trips and docked at the pier and painted a very pretty sight !We booked our boat trip to Capri for the next day and lounged on the beach for a while , soaking in the views and enjoying the cool breeze . As the sun set ,the skies seemed to reflect the the pink hues of the town .

Chez Black seemed to be a really popular open restaurant on the beach with live music so we we headed there for dinner .The decor is that of the interior of a chip and you are served by “sailors”.The walls have pictures of celebrities who have enjoyed a lovely evening here as we were ,eating warm woodfire oven pizzas and seafood delicacies by the sea

All that yummy food and then climb back a 1000 steps again! Not possible ! We waited for the bus after a few 100 steps and and as the bus ascended upwards , we were so fascinated by the town views. If Positano is pretty in the day , its magical at night

Especially a full moon night if you are as lucky as me !


Dr Reshma J Palep


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